Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tikkun Olam Tuesday: Making the World A Better Place

At UTHINK, in the Jewish Museum, the students illustrated community,
what they give to their community and what they get from their community.

Working together, sorting food was a rewarding experience. Students shared vocabulary about food in English and in Hebrew.
Sova, the Jewish Food Bank feeds hungry people, people in need.

250 volunteers work each month at Sova. The 6th grade VBS Day School and David Bloch student delegation added their time and energy to this dedicated group.

Sova collects food and books too.
You can donate food, money or your time sorting to Sova.
8,000 people a year are fed by donations to Sova.
Around holidays and Jewish holidays the need is the greatest.
Lily, 6th Grade student from VBS Day School observed while doing paper work at Sova, " There are lots of homeless people in need of food."

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